After watching this vid, my estimation of Matt Smith the actor and Matt Smith the cool guy increased 1,000-fold.

From Wikipedia:

The Doctor Who Prom 2010 was a concert showcasing incidental music from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, along with classical music, performed as part of the BBC’s Proms series of concerts. The concert was performed on 24 and 25 July 2010 and was hosted by actors Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, who portray the Doctor and his companions.

Following up on the first Doctor Who Prom in 2008, the concert featured music from the series, this time alongside pieces by John Adams, Gustav Holst, Carl Orff and Richard Wagner.

An edited version of concert, containing only the Murray Gold compositions and none of the classical pieces, was televised on BBC Three on 6 September at 8:30pm and was repeated on 7 September at 2:45am. An extended version containing all the music from the 2010 Doctor Who Prom will be broadcast on BBC Three on 10 September at 7pm.

Could you imagine any American TV Stars doing this? With this much wit and charm?

(Many thanks to CCW*TV’s Jose Melendez for catching this one!)

  1. that’s amazing i’m just watching this on the bbc iplayer i do love the proms every year i’m about 15 minutes in looking good so far

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