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“The one where Jose asks Ian what the HELL is going on in the creative process of American comic books?”

NOVEMBER 28, 2010


We hope you have as much fun listening as we did making this podcast!


Joltin’ Jose Melendez and Insideman Ian MacMillan briefly discuss the supposed impending, needless and most certainly temporary DEATH of Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man by the infamous sales powerhouses Mark Millar and Brian Michael Bendis. Ian & Jose then launch into SPINE TINGLING REVIEWS of Millar’s SUPERIOR #1 & #2 and BENDIS’ AVENGERS #7. Have Marvel’s not-always-so-dynamic-duo FINALLY seen the light and started creating comics that rise above their normal less-than-noble output or do these new offerings sink to depths previously unknown?


Leaving no stone unturned, the boys then sharpen their steely gaze on BATMAN: THE RETURN and compare that $4.99 Grant Morrison / David Finch 30-page One Shot comic book to Grant Morrison & Yanick Paquette’s BATMAN, INC #1. Find out if Jose and Ian believe that Morrison is, in fact, a two-faced devil with the power to both SUCK and SHINE in the same week… And whether Mr. Melendez has come to praise or bury ARTISTS turned ARTISTS/WRITERS David Finch and Tony Daniel.

UP ON THE GRILL: Superior #1 & #2, Avengers #7, Batman: The Return and Batman, Inc #1! Is it FEAST or FAMINE? Your fate awaits!

Grab a cup of HOT COCOA– or a Jack Daniels “neat”– depending upon your age & predilections… And enjoy a BRAND NEW PODCAST with almost FIFTEEN MINUTES of BONUS EXTRAS!

Hosted by Jose Melendez and Insideman, the Inveterate Media Junkies Podcast is a no-holds barred straight-forward examination and opinion forum concentrating on virtually ALL forms of media and pop culture, including: Comic Books, Television, Film & Music.

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“The one where Ian tells Jose he DETESTS FART JOKES in his Spider-man comics.”

NOVEMBER 19, 2010

Inveterate Media Junkies PODCAST #2 PART 2

We hope you have as much fun listening as we did making this podcast!

Insideman Ian MacMillan and Jose Melendez examine the sour taste in their mouths after hearing of J. Michael Straczynski’s BIG CAREER SHIFT… As he dumps NOT ONE but TWO MORE high-profile comic book titles (Superman & Wonder Woman) to focus on Original Graphic Novels after the SOLD OUT SUCCESS of the Superman Earth One Hardcover.

Then, proving that two GROWN MEN can still talk about their FAVORITE superhero to the point of obsession, Jose and Ian take a long and winding road through Dan Slott’s first “solo” story effort in Amazing Spider-Man #648... Stopping here, there and everywhere pointing out there LIKES & DISLIKES. But what is the OVERALL VERDICT? Did the Boys like it? Well, that would be telling!


If you click on the “Inveterate Media Junkies Podcast #2 Part 2” link (in light blue) above, you will be taken to a SEPARATE PAGE where you can listen to a Quicktime version of the podcast.

You can download and/or just listen to this LATEST PODCAST on the DEDICATED IMJ PODCAST PAGE at… Where you can also listen and/or download ALL of the PREVIOUS PODCASTS from the Inveterate Media Junkies Podcast Vaults!

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hopefully this weekend!


“The one where Jose tells Ian he’s Number 1, then treats him like Number 2.”

NOVEMBER 16, 2010

Inveterate Media Junkies PODCAST #2 PART 1

We hope you have as much fun listening as we did making this podcast!

Jose Melendez and Insideman Ian MacMillan discuss the MASSIVE RECEPTION to the 1st Podcast, the SURPRISE APPEARANCE of ENHANCED You Tube Videos, take a HARD LOOK at the crappy COMIC SALES FIGURES for October, stir up trouble about some IDIOCY concerning J. Michael Stracynski’s move to writing ORIGINAL GRAPHIC NOVELS ONLY and then take a BIG WHACK at the NEW TITLES that Marvel sadly deemed “good enough” to appear in their FALL “SNEAK PEEKS” issue.

Jose then puts to rest ALL YOUR QUESTIONS about why there are so many Iron Man, Captain America and Thor mini-series in the shops right now…  And warns you that you are staring at the TIP OF THE ICEBERG.


If you click on the “Inveterate Media Junkies Podcast #2 Part 1” link (in light blue) above, you will be taken to a SEPARATE PAGE where you can listen to a Quicktime version of the podcast.

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Entertainment Weekly‘s Scariest Films of the Past Decade

*Sniff*... Can someone pass me another tissue? *Sniff!*

I guess it was appropriate that I was reading this on the crapper as I about shit myself when I saw this list. These are the SCARIEST FILMS of the PAST DECADE? WTF?

The Ring was the best Hollywood could do in 10 whole years? A little wet bitch crawling out of TV is supposed to scare me… Let alone be the scariest thing I’ve seen in the LAST DECADE? Girl wasn’t even in 3D for chrissakes! Maybe if I felt like the witch had been crawling at me… Nah, who am I kidding? The only way that little girl would’ve scared me is if she’d lifted her head to reveal she was Sarah Palin and then announced, “I’m running for President in 2012.”

Now that would’ve been enough to freeze me dead in agony– my mouth torn agape in fear.

But I didn’t see that. I saw a wet little girl crawl out of a well and into a couple of different living rooms. I didn’t even see how she killed her victims. That was always all off camera.

Puhleeze people. I see scarier shit then this when I go to the Wal-Mart. The only thing scary about this movie is how dated it is because people have to watch a VIDEO TAPE to become cursed.

Do you even know anyone who owns a VCR anymore? I know 1 girl who does and 1 guy who’s looking for one to watch some old anime on. As I said the other day, “Good luck with that search, Bro. There are more pairs of Paris Hilton’s previously worn panties on sale out there than there are VCRs.” (I’ve included a handy link about VCRs for those kids who may have never heard of the machines.)

I’m not even going to attempt to attack the rest of this list– since the results are all subjective anyway. Although, anybody that would put 28 Days Later 4th on this craptacular (below The Descent) should really be thoroughly examined as their taste is… Oh there, I go again.

I’ll shut my mouth. In the meantime you can do what I did with the list– Read it and weep.

You wouldn't think this would be hard to find... But IT IS.

I couldn’t find this book. Hardly anywhere.

And if I did, I sure as hell couldn’t buy it for cover price. I have detailed this sad phenomenon in two posts now: MANGA PUBLISHERS– Why Do You H☠TE Me? and Comic Book Retailers – Update Your F****** Websites! It seems like all of the Manga publishers really don’t care about– or don’t care to cater to– the completists (like me) in their audience. To be clear, I don’t mind an occasional book hunt (in fact, sometimes it’s fun)– but I really do not want to hunt to fill holes in every frickin’ Manga title I decide to collect.

Yet, I usually have to.

Run from the Borders!

Case in point: Tokyopop’s Future Diary series. Volume 6 just came out, OK? But try to find Volume 2. This Manga title oddly seems to follow the old comic collector paradigm– as #2 seems the rarest volume so far.

Which is why I was so delighted to find that the Borders Bookstore located down the street from me had one in stock. Note to the wise: The “Check for Store Availability” links on mainstream bookseller’s websites are often a big boon to the collector of hard-to-find books… Especially if you have friends in other cities or states and can con them into picking up a copy for you and sending it in the mail. Put your Zip Code (or a friend’s Zip Code) into one of these website search boxes and BOOM— you might be able to save yourself from overpaying $20 to $30 USD (or more) for a scarce Manga title.

Luckily (or so I thought), I didn’t have to do that this time. Once I found someone to go over there and getting the book for me– I’d be all set. My friend nicely offered (around 5 pm in BIG CITY traffic no less). I felt double fortunate.


Possibly my new Best Friend (Unfortunately, I mean the Magnifying Glass)

About 20  minutes later she called from her cell phone. Seems she bought the book (I was having it held for me at the front desk) and when the clerk finally handed it to her– she realized it was not in acceptable condition. You may have read this in another one of my posts before but I am going to write it again: I do not care how much of a discount a mainstream bookstore, comic shop or website gives me on a book. If I buy it NEW– I expect the tome to be in new, Near-Mint to Mint condition. I’m not going to pull out a magnifying glass or anything when I buy it– but the damn thing better look– and be– right.

Seems my rep had preceded me– as my friend knew that I was very condition conscious. She told me that the book looked like it had been opened and read several times. The line where the cover was “scored” (so it will bend back easily at the spine) was WHITE— even though the cover itself was BLACK. This meant 2 things: #1 the book was severely manhandled and #2 the book had been carelessly read so many times, the black ink had fallen off the score line. That’s a lot of reading.

I apologized for her wasted time and gas and asked her to return the book.


Has Alfred E.Neuman taken over Borders?

My friend later told me that when she handed the book back to the clerk– asking to return it for a refund due to its’ poor condition… The clerk just looked at the book, rolled his eyes a little, sighed and said, “Okay.”

No “Gee whiz, I’m sorry the book is in such bad shape! Let me see if I can find you another one.” Just a resigned sigh that, once again, another customer had him selling a less-than-new product.

Barnes & Noble, Bookstar and Borders– This is what happens when you turn your bookstores into libraries!

You provide comfortable seating in all kinds of places throughout your store and you never stop your customers from reading your books from start to finish. Often these people will read a few chapters and then come back the next day to read a few more… And will continue this pattern until they have finished a whole novel. I’ve even seen people reading while they are eating a sloppy tuna sandwich that they’ve just pulled out of a paper sack. These folks are obviously enjoying a free read on their lunch break! Mom’s bring three or four kids into your stores and they all pick out a book to read– but rarely buy anything.

And you have the audacity to blame Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad for your flagging quarterly profit reports?!

You then add your own insult to your own injuries by selling coffee and chocolate eclairs too!

All the while allowing your customers to read, read, read. Have you ever bought a book from one of these stores and gotten home to see a big chocolate smear inside– on one of the pages of your supposedly new book? I have actually seen customers doing this horrendous act while they read a book in a Barnes & Noble. No shame, no remorse. They just flipped the page and kept on reading.

Good God Almighty! They damn well better be glad that I haven’t ever paid for and brought one of these sullied atrocities into my home. I’d race back to that bookstore and return that damn thing so violently it would take an amazing proctologist to retrieve my return!*

But I wouldn’t feel bad. I doubt my hijinks wouldn’t stop them from selling that rescued copy either.

Guess what DOESN'T mix with a NEW BOOK?

*Many thanks to Jose Melendez at the CCW*TV Blog for reminding me of my hatred of people who eat and read for free in bookstores a couple of weeks ago.

Something is Off…

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Commentary, Free Speech
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Grandma! What a big MIDDLE FINGER you have!


I am extremely happy that relatively few people have called me out for my use of profanity on this site… But even then, I am already sorely tired of hearing these two phrases:

Profanity is the attempt of the uncreative mind to express itself.

Profanity is the last refuge of the uncreative mind.


Do you really expect me to believe that bullshit? I graduated SUMMA CUM LAUDE (how many swear words in that erudite title, fuckers?) from University and Graduate School. Are you really attempting to tell me I have an uncreative mind because I cuss?

Free Speech: Assaulted Daily

Let me explain something to you: If disingenuous pompous pricks like the ones writing these idiotic statements didn’t make bad words “bad” to begin with… Then no one would even know that cussing existed. Curled up, obstinate, prim people makes these things taboo… Not me. And I’m not rebelling against anyone anyway. Whether my Mother likes it or not– I’m just exercising my right of free speech.

In a world where any American 18-year-old is allowed to get their ass shot off in Iraq– but is unable to celebrate surviving another day in that Hell Hole by having a beer… Something is off.

In a world where I cannot smoke a cigarette in a bar because I might endanger the health of others with my secondary smoke… But that same bar can stuff shot after shot down some ape’s throat and then send them off to the parking lot with their car keys in their hand– Thus endangering my ride home… Something is off.

In a world where men still routinely make more money than women to do at the same job… Something is off.

In a world where a killer pleads guilty to homicide and we still have to pay for a trial… Something is off.

In a world where celebrities receive wrist slaps for a crime the average joe would spend 3 years in jail for… Something is off.

In a world where a woman is still labeled a slut if she’s had more than a few boyfriends– but a man is still a cocksman if he beds as many “ladies” as he can… Something is off.

In a world where HUNDREDS of homophobic people become so angry that they post for the first time on– just because the company dared to sell the DVD sets of Queer as Folk one day and the lesbian-centric L Word the next day as their daily Gold Box Deals… Something is off.

In a world where we can no longer handle meat– let alone eat it– without calling Hazmat… Something is off.

Hey Kids! Did you know DANCING leads to SEX?!

There are so many things wrong in this world. So many things that desperately need correcting. Is my little Swear All You Like Blog really going to tip the scales in Satan’s favor?

If you discover your kid reading this blog– where I attempt to point out injustice, stupidity and just plain insanity— and I happen to sprinkle a few swear words in here or there… Are you going to wipe their minds with a generous round or two of electric shock therapy?

I actually read an entire blog post (on a blog who’s lameness demands it remain nameless) asking, “Do you drop the F-Bomb in your posts?” Seriously? What. The. Fuck.

They’re just words. They’re not racial epithets. They’re not words meant to harm or make someone cry. They are often truisms or descriptive moments in a phrase. They’re not for everybody. I get that. But they are for me.

So if my occasional turn of a blue phrase offends you, then please just leave. I will not apologize today, tomorrow or ever. So just go.

Profanity or no profanity? Who the fuck cares? With everything going on in the world, I know I don’t.

And you know what I always say about PC Assholes anyway, “Joke them if they can’t take a Fuck.”