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A shorter break between Who appearances. That's a good thing!

Beginning in 2011, Steven Moffat has decided to SPLIT Doctor Who into 2 separate series. One 7 episode series starting around Easter. Then a Summer break. Then a 2nd 6 episode series starting in the Fall.

The Christmas Special stays in place.

Moffat thinks it is the ideal schedule for 2 reasons:

1) He can now have a HUGE cliff-hanger to end the first 7 episode arc… Something Doctor Who showrunners could never do before due to the long wait in between 13 episode seasons.

2) Fans will now never have to go too long to wait for another Doctor Who “fix”. Instead of 13 episodes appearing one after the other, all at once starting at Easter every year… Fans get 7 eps at Easter, 6 eps in the Fall and then a Christmas special on 12/25— followed by another round 7 eps the following Easter, etc., etc., etc.

Seeing more of Karen Gillan? Oh, HELL YES!

This, of course, will also allow for 2 First Nights & 2 Finale Episodes. In short, twice as many EVENT episodes.

And even though they will not be shooting more material than normal for a year (13 regular eps, 1 Christmas Special)– I bet it will feel like more material since there will now only be short breaks in-between Who appearances.

The BBC can now promote the hell out of the show almost all year long– as opposed to just every Christmas and Easter. This extra promotion can only lead to more Doctor Who viewership.

So it’s a win-win. A little frustration for those (like me) who want everything RIGHT NOW… But Hey, if I can get over it this quickly– so can you.

When I see this woman walk onscreen it's basically, "Who cares about the Doctor?"

And for those thinking why don’t they just film more episodes like American TV… Doctor Who— at 13 eps a season– already films TWICE AS MANY episodes as the average British TV series does every year. So I doubt you’re ever going to see that change at all.

In fact, with these shorter seasons also being the modus operandi for most American Cable shows– I wouldn’t be surprised to see the already ridiculously short American Network TV seasons cropped even further. The Networks don’t seem to act like they know this yet– but they are slowly but surely turning themselves into “basic cable” channels right now.

Sid the Bunny (Craig Ferguson) always slays me:

I had honestly forgotten just how brutal True Blood: Season 1 really was.

Especially for Sookie Stackhouse.

Warning: GREAT MUSIC VIDEO– But not for the squeamish!

And this, of course, will always be a classic True Blood moment:

In a just world, this video is placed beside the word PERFECTION in the dictionary!

Excellent show avoids the Hangman’s Noose…

One more time.

Used to be I couldn't stand Glenn Close. Then she took the stick out of her ass. Now I love her.

How can you not like Damages? A TV show that consistently hires such top talent as Ted Danson, William Hurt, Marcia Gay Harden, Timothy Olyphant and Campbell Scott as guest stars cannot be, uh… dismissed. Sadly, no one watches the show… So that was exactly what the FX Network was understandably poised to do: Kill one of the best dramas currently on television.

Then suddenly Direct TV stepped up and saved the enterprise this afternoon. According to Daily Variety, “Direct TV has ordered two 10-episode seasons. The first season will air next summer in the U.S.– with the second series launching in the summer of 2012. Glenn Close and Rose Byrne are confirmed to return with other thesps set to sign on soon.”

Henceforth, Damages will appear solely on Direct TV’s original programming channel (Channel 101).

I don’t have Direct TV. But that’s okay, there’s always DVD.

I will not be denied my Rose Byrne!

Don't you dare ask me if Rose is related to John Byrne.