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Odinson– You’re such a Prick Tease!

I hope in the next trailer they actually have the balls to show us Thor’s face!

(Hell, I’d take a close-up of his hand wrapped around the Hammer!)

That’s 47 seconds of my life I’ll never get back!

I got nothing.

As we all know, over the weekend the 2010 San Diego Comic Con quickly morphed into “That place where that guy poked that other guy in the eye with a pen– possibly for hogging seats.”

So I was wondering how MUCH MORE PUBLICITY the Con would have received if– instead of those two random guys fighting–  EDWARD NORTON had shown up and poked MARK RUFFALO in the eye for taking his seat on The Avengers movie panel?

Happy to be there, Mark still felt the need to scan the crowd for Ed... Just in case.