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Courtesy of Jose (CCW*TV) Melendez


Read the 1st Half of the Blackest Night Hardcover

Then read the 1st Half of both the Green Lantern Hardcover and the Green Lantern Corps Hardcover

Then read ALL of the Tales of the Corps Hardcover

Then read ALL of the Black Lantern Corps Volume 1 Hardcover

After that, read up to the end of Issue #7 in the Blackest Night Hardcover

Then read the Rise of the Black Lanterns Hardcover

Then read the remaining stories in the Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps Hardcovers

The read ALL of then Black Lantern Corps Volume 2 Hardcover

End by reading the Last Issue in the Blackest Night Hardcover

Your total cost to buy ALL the Hardcovers at FULL RETAIL will be $179.93 USD

Anyway you look  it,


*Jose would like you to PLEASE NOTE that this– like most HARDCOVER reads– is NOT the “perfect” reading order… But it will stop you from spoiling certain parts of the story!

Spam Hawaii... Book me a can, Danno!

I shouldn’t be surprised by SPAM. We all get enough just by having simple email accounts. You can imagine the type of spam a Blog gets… Even fledgling blogs like this one.

Look how cute! A SPAM iPod!

Word Press does a great job blocking almost all the spam… The fun part? I can still read them before I delete them.

Therefore, I would love to know WHAT in my review for Neil Young’s Greendale Hardcover prompted some spammer to send me this list:

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The list went on (I decided to spare our most sensitive of readers). Plus, the only link I could maybe use sometime in the future is maryland strip clubs westminster If I were to ever find myself there.

And remember, this email came in direct response to my Greendale review… Which, to my knowledge, had no accounts of men wearing bikinis or women having big breasts anywhere in it.

Thanks, Neil Young.

The book that started it all

DEFINITELY Eisner Award Worthy!

I wanted to bring this review of Neil Young’s Greendale Hardcover over from my original post on CCW*TV.

I’m not planning on doing this very often– but I really liked this book.

Previous readers: Please note I have added a lot of extra opinion and content in this revised review.

For about three years, I was the main Film Critic for a major film magazine– so I’m fairly certain I know how to write an interesting review with ruining your experience WITHOUT SPOILERS.

So that will be the way I will attempt to write my reviews.

If there are MAJOR SPOILERS I will always try to warn you!

Just finished Neil Young’s Greendale Hardcover… and I loved it.

Never been a huge fan of Neil Young (have to side with Ronnie Van Zant and his “Sweet Home Alabama” description of Neil). So I was very skeptical– wondering what I was about to get into– when I read Neil’s one paragraph blurb in the front of the book… Where he basically professes to not know exactly what his story is about.

The internal alarm bells began ringing immediately.

Neil needs to lay off the peyote– or any other hallucinogen he might be partaking in… Because Joshua Dysart writes an unbelievably compelling, intelligent, multi-layered narrative. I understood it perfectly (at least how I believe I was meant to understand and relate to the story). There were several spots where the narrative could have easy derailed and devolved into pedantic preachy bullshit– but Dysart ALWAYS resists the urge to slide into easy clichés or quirky, unintelligible storytelling.

Cliff Chiang’s art is wonderful. Each line is meticulously considered– without ever seeming mechanical. Chiang somehow makes his art flow seamlessly with the quietude the story demands. Dave Stewart’s coloring is perfection as usual.


I did not like that one of the characters looked exactly like a younger version of Neil Young. I understood the conceit behind it– but the appearance of Neil’s famous mug dragged me out of the story almost every time his character appeared. That’s a very minor slag though. Once you accept the vanity (whether someone insisted on this or it was just a loving homage from the comic’s creators) it is relatively easy to just forget about this misstep and move on.

The book design is impeccable. It is one of the few times in recent memory that I felt like I was holding a piece of printed art that had not just NEEDLESSLY DESTROYED hundreds of trees to exist… This feeling is VERY IMPORTANT given the storyline.

I really admire seeing this kind of awareness from Book Designer. Book Design is an art. And it is apparent this designer was quite aware of the story inside–- even when deciding on what paper stock to use for the book’s interior and exterior pages.

Overall, I loved Neil Young’s Greendale. Maybe even more so because I wasn’t expecting to. Would definitely recommend this work to anyone who is in the mood to read a GREAT GRAPHIC NOVEL.

Sure, you could read a Deadpool Hardcover (or something like it) instead. Free world. But you would really be making a decision between reading a wonderful modern-day fairytale or reading a piece of mainstream mutant corporate crap. Your choice.