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“The one where Jose asks Ian what the HELL is going on in the creative process of American comic books?”

NOVEMBER 28, 2010


We hope you have as much fun listening as we did making this podcast!


Joltin’ Jose Melendez and Insideman Ian MacMillan briefly discuss the supposed impending, needless and most certainly temporary DEATH of Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man by the infamous sales powerhouses Mark Millar and Brian Michael Bendis. Ian & Jose then launch into SPINE TINGLING REVIEWS of Millar’s SUPERIOR #1 & #2 and BENDIS’ AVENGERS #7. Have Marvel’s not-always-so-dynamic-duo FINALLY seen the light and started creating comics that rise above their normal less-than-noble output or do these new offerings sink to depths previously unknown?


Leaving no stone unturned, the boys then sharpen their steely gaze on BATMAN: THE RETURN and compare that $4.99 Grant Morrison / David Finch 30-page One Shot comic book to Grant Morrison & Yanick Paquette’s BATMAN, INC #1. Find out if Jose and Ian believe that Morrison is, in fact, a two-faced devil with the power to both SUCK and SHINE in the same week… And whether Mr. Melendez has come to praise or bury ARTISTS turned ARTISTS/WRITERS David Finch and Tony Daniel.

UP ON THE GRILL: Superior #1 & #2, Avengers #7, Batman: The Return and Batman, Inc #1! Is it FEAST or FAMINE? Your fate awaits!

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Asking for a little LESS cash for Iron Man 2 is probably looking pretty good in hindsight right about now.

Don’t get me wrong. Get on the right television show and TV Money can be crazy-stupid money… Even more so for the little amount of time you’re required to work each week. And I don’t care what anyone tells you– a TV show still doesn’t carry the prestige of a dynamic film career. Hard to believe it was just five years ago that Terrence Howard came thisclose to winning an Oscar for Hustle & Flow (after also snagging plum jobs in CRASH and Ray).

He slays the role of Tony Stark’s right-hand man, James Rhodes, in Iron Man. With director Jon Favreau promising a larger role for Howard in Iron Man 2– Terrence seemed poised to start landing all kinds of leading man roles in lots of Hollywood productions.

Another wrong turn with disastrous results.

Then the rocket fizzled and his career came to a crashing halt over the insane raise either he– or his agent– allegedly demanded for Iron Man II.

Dumped dramatically and publicly by Marvel Studios— Howard had to sit helplessly and watch Don Cheadle walk away with a role that now rivaled the size and clout of Robert Downey Jr’s part in Iron Man 2. As word of Terrence’s ouster circulated through Hwood, his career instantly turned as cold as the shoulder Marvel Studios head Kevin Fiege had given him just a few weeks earlier.


Not all quietude is good. When you’re a “hot” actor your life is crazy.

Now Howard has signed for a secondary part in Law & Order: Los Angeles. I’m not weeping for the guy– as almost any acting is a great gig when you can get it… But to go from near Academy Award winner to a revolving role as 1 of 2 different D.A.’s in a horribly tired concept show (Alfred Molina will play the other D.A.) is a remarkable letdown for a once promising movie career. His new part screams “Career Nosedive!” since Howard won’t even be working– or seen on the show– every week.

Terrence's agent may want to look into this!

Makes you wonder if the man is an incredible asshole, a prima donna or just extremely unlucky. Hell, maybe he’s all three.

Most of the luck you experience in L.A. is luck you make… And if Terrence isn’t an asshole or a prima donna– he should kick his agent roundly in the nuts for fucking his career. Good actors– especially if they are good guys– deserve better than this.

Here’s hoping Howard gets a spate of better fortune soon– because I’m sure a voice role in the underwhelming, under-performing 2009 animated film Princess and the Frog was not what he was anticipating when he sat in that auditorium nervously waiting for that Best Actor winner announcement back in 2006.

Odinson– You’re such a Prick Tease!

I hope in the next trailer they actually have the balls to show us Thor’s face!

(Hell, I’d take a close-up of his hand wrapped around the Hammer!)

That’s 47 seconds of my life I’ll never get back!